Online Sales & Marketing

Online Communication and Social Media Strategy

A comprehensive social media strategy is now a must for any company that that wishes to remain relevant in China’s hyper-competitive market. The winning strategy is to make a major commitment to social media implementation in order to cultivate community engagement, enhance branding and awareness as well as broaden market research; all with the intention to drive conversion and incremental sales.

Furthermore, a social media strategy is required in order to satisfy customer expectations. Chinese consumers are smart, savvy and among the worlds most sophisticated social media users who presume that these forms of engagement will be readily available to them. Therefore, not only must companies decide which communication platforms to adopt (Wechat, QQ, Baidu, Youku, and more) but also how to use them to their best advantage. Increasingly companies are now using Wechat as a means to sell directly to end-customers.

Photo and video sites increase online rankings if they are properly optimized, and blogs have become a popular tool for promoting an operation’s credibility and trust. Some companies are emphasizing the development of branded online communities while others are using social platforms to create reward and incentive programs. Conducting surveys and polling have also become a means to directly engage customers and to collect useful data and, of course, online reputations have to be monitored and managed on consumer review sites.

Knudsen&Co offers to develop a comprehensive social media strategy developing targeted content, optimizing your company’s visual material to increase branding, awareness and eventually driving conversion rates, incremental sales and ultimately revenues.

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