WeChat FAQ

There are several options for businesses planning to launch an official WeChat account. An official account can be either international or Chinese, subscription or service, verified or unverified.

International vs. Chinese Account?

The international official account logs into an English language platform, whereas the Chinese official account uses a Chinese language platform. Most importantly, Chinese WeChat users do not have access to WeChat International official accounts and adversely international WeChat users have access to both Chinese and international official accounts.

What’s a subscription account?

Official accounts can be either a subscription account or a service account. A subscription account allows you to push frequent content to your followers, however your profile sits in a subscription account subfolder and your followers are not sent push notifications upon receiving a post from your account, which means less impressions and reach.

What’s a service account?

A service account only allows 4 posts per month, but you get a prominent position amongst other service accounts and the followers’ ongoing conversations with friends, as they will receive a push notification upon receiving your post.
Further to this, many of WeChats unique features such as CRM, custom menus and We-Websites are only available to official service accounts.

Verified vs. Unverified account


How does my company get started on WeChat?

Your company must provide all materials (text and graphics) necessary to setup a fully functional service account.
Furthermore prior to making the account accessible to the public all content must be approved by relevant personnel within your company.
Following we make sure setting up the account with all your desired preferences.

What can day-to-day account management include?

A 24-hour hotline

A 24-hour live chat

Content management (What is displayed on the profile)

Order management (Tracking and handling of potential orders)

What materials are required to delete an official account?

The alias and password of WeChat are required to verify that the official account to be deleted belongs to the applicant.

Which contents are supported for broadcasting on the WeChat Official Account?

The following contents are supported currently: text, audio, image, video, and rich media.

Which rules/limits are set for broadcasting messages on the WeChat Official Account?

1) Subscription accounts (verified users and unverified users) can only broadcast one message/one bulk message every day (updated at 00:00 without accumulating broadcast times).

2) Service accounts (verified users and unverified users) can broadcast 4 messages every calendar month (updated at 00:00 on the first day of each month without accumulating broadcast times).

3) Images and Audios uploaded to materials management can be broadcast for multiple times without the period of validity.

4) The title of broadcast rich media message is limited to up to 64 bytes.

5) The content of broadcast message is limited to up to 600 characters.

6) The audio message is limited to up to 5M and 60s. Supported formats include mp3, wma, wav, and amr.

7) The video message is limited to up to 20M. Supported formats include rm, rmvb, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, and mp4. (The system will automatically compress video messages for followers to view via the phone.)

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