WeChat Guide

WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app has app. 650 million active users. More than 200 million users have tied a bankcard to the Wechat service and are using the built-in Wechat Pay to online shopping and in-store payments. Any company targeting the Chinese consumers must consider how Wechat can contribute to its success in China.

WeChat Account Registration

WeChat official accounts continue to increase in importance and effectiveness in brands’ marketing strategy in China. There are 3 types of official accounts:


We provide official account registration and account management services for our clients.

Wechat Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription account is the basic choice of the official accounts. It allows your company to push regular content to your company’s followers. Account manager can post one message per day. The account followers will find the message in the subscription area.

While a basic service account only allows for one message pr. week, subscription account allows sending out messages to followers once pr. day. On the other hand, subscription accounts have much less integration options and advanced functionality that can be incorporated into service accounts.

One of the biggest disadvantages of subscription account is the way the messages are displayed: they will be grouped into one folder containing all the subscription accounts instead of being pushed to user’s session list. This means that a follower has to go into that folder to retrieve the delivered content. Your profile sits in a subscription account subfolder and your followers are not sent push notifications upon receiving a post from your account.

Overall, WeChat subscription account is mostly use for the daily news and information broadcast. If your marketing strategy revolves around pushing information to users, subscription account is what you need. A Wechat subscription account can also be used in combination with a Wechat Service account.

Wechat Service Account

WeChat service account is preferred for companies and organization who want to access to advanced WeChat Official Account feature. Service account provides more APIs than subscription account and companies can build its own application, get inquiries and broadcast own promotion to followers. WeChat service account allows the company to post one message per week.

Service Account allows you to post 4 messages per month. The broadcast message is displayed in line with the user’s personal contact. User can receive push notification and you can reply to any user message from time to time.

The design of the service account is using for providing services instead of message broadcast. If your goal is providing higher degree of functionality to your users through customized menu or offer integrated ecommerce inside the app, service account should be the one to consider.

Wechat Enterprise or Corporate Account

Enterprise accounts are designed for internal company use such as sharing communication, private group chat or as a simple project and task management system.

Enterprise accounts can also be programmed to integrate more complex functionality and are becoming increasingly popular within China organizations. Also, in order to keep such internal networks secure, followers have to go through authentication process. This is quite unlike other accounts types where gaining more followers is the very objective of Wechat.

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